Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Have Seen the Most Amazing Book

The Fairy Goodreader - or Reading Fairy, travels at night and reads stories to children who do not have anyone else to read to them. They hear the stories in their heads, as their eyes are closed and sometimes they think they are imagining things, but they aren't. The Fairy Goodreader is helping them see the stories in their minds. Sometimes she helps them see the stories they are making for themselves.

She is helpful like that.

During the day the Fairy Goodreader goes out to the elderly, the forgotten, and the unvisited, and she reads them stories too. They are stories that these older folks have read before and her reading helps them remember times when they weren't old or forgotten. Sometimes they are new stories, and they can forget who they are entirely.

She lives where there are people who read. There may be more than one of her.

She carries a book with her, a magic book. When humans look at the pages they are blank, but when she reads from it the book becomes any book she thinks should be read.

But the Fairy Goodreader's book doesn't fill itself up because she thinks hard, she has to travel through the Meatworld book to have it go into her Fairy Book.

She invited me to go with her to the Fairie Festival at Sproutwood, where we both know many of the people there. I introduced her to my people and she wrangled a viewing of one of the most wondrous books I have ever seen.

It was written by , Dr. Ari Berk, who graciously allowed her to tour his book, even though you can't get it in this country yet - not until July. This copy was the only one here. But the Fairy Goodreader could start on it right away.

It is the life of William Shakespeare told in words and pictures and actions. It will let people go through the book like Poppets do, playing with words and paper and art and things inside. The book will play back.

She read playbills and travelled the Thames.

She unlocked the benefits of avoiding work.

She studied deeply when things took on a serious note.

And headed to the theater to make sure she saw everything that could be seen.

And now his book is added to hers - after her travels he told us a secret. If we truly could not wait, they were selling it in the UK.


We're there!

We cannot wait.