Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When do we Build?

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. (Or their opinion, or ze's opinion - I like ze.) 

And sometimes mine is that you shouldn't have voiced it just because you can. 

Sometimes mine is "you are correct but just for you, perhaps you should have added something to indicate that your opinion is actually an opinion and not a judgment". 

Sometimes my opinion is "no - that thing you are saying is NOT an opinion it's a judgment and you are basically framing it in such a way that it is an order when you are trying to make a claim that other people should not do that to you?"

I'm entitled to all those opinions too.

I know that western culture is bad at respecting humans as feeling things but I'm getting concerned that "anger" is not just acceptable as a framework (because it is) but is also the default and accusatory position. Anger is awesome for violent revolutions to break free - but it's HORRIBLE for building things. So part of my opinion is this - we can respect anger as valid- but when do we create the building part?

Spoken as an eternally angry person.