Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm alive, I promise.

Some interesting things happened in the home stretch of the last few months - some interesting perspectives as I watch people bobble and plan and turn with their new businesses, and I keep going with my own plan.

The first is that there is a deep need for really smart people to be able to understand that they are not "the norm" that not everyone sees things in their way, that the things that hurt and worry them might be slightly different things than hurt and worry other people. It's not a narcissism so much as an insecurity, many, many smart people are pretty sure that they aren't really special or particularly advantaged. Other people's lives look more like they would like their lives ( or their businesses, or their children) to look. It's more than just the grass is greener, it's an absolute sense of being "average".

Maybe everyone has it. That's why we're always surprised when people think or behave or believe differently than we do.