Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Centers of Storms are the Calms

Clarity has extra edges after storms pass. 

All things are sharper than before, broken things are merely broken and no longer dangerous.  

 The peripheries are visible, we can mark the risks.

The air is charged with things that could have been but weren't, dangers or losses that were endured or never suffered. Things smell cleansed and electric.

Old trails are washed away. History gets a small sense of erasure. 

Things look different when light comes. 

Their shape, 
their size 
their age.
Their cracks and crevices, and my own as well.  

Things look True.

In that first cold light of morning, it is hard not to pity the things that need the may-be. 
Now reduced in size and scope, still dangerous 
but not unknown.
Not unmanageable. 
Not unimaginable.
Poor things.

Light is invasive, it is far more unforgiving than the Darkness. Darkness is full of could-be, Light is filled with is.

It takes talent to hide in Light, a trick we have learned here at the House.

Do not mistake the Light for warmth, we use it for what it is. 

Tonight, when the day slips through the cracks of time and night overtakes our patch of land again, it will not have the heaviness of the Darkness, which grinds its gears, perambulating on its way with those who choose to keep it close. It will return to being Somewhen Else, and here it will only be night. 

Tonight we will sing a softer song to offer up to the Universe. I will sing again for the Darkness. I will wish it whatever darkling peace it can be bestowed and honor its elsewhen claim. Someone needs to and the Darkness used to be mine. It still cannot abide here. It has no right to the Now. 

We do not belong to the Darkness.
We do not belong to the Light.

Either one will have to get through me. I will protect those that are mine. I will sometimes waver, but I will win. We are prepared.

Here at the House, we are standing, and we are still our own. 


Kelly said...

Very poetic, Drinne. Analytical and lyrical at the same time.

Jessie said...

Loving this, ever so much. Makes me need to write.

Drinne said...

@Kelly - Thanks! I wonder if "Analytical and Lyrical" could be an epitaph? It's a lot better than "Reliable and Dependable" which is the kiss of death I currently have: )

Of course my kids are going for "She saved the world - alot"

@Jessie - that particular response means a lot to me - I used to run a writer's group back in pre-history. I know you're working on your novel, thanks for taking time out to come here and read while I shake off the rust.

Stacey said...

Drinne, I've come back to this post and image repeatedly. Very powerful. I don't know how to respond really.

I spent most of the last two days beating my head against a very stupid wall in a very stupid battle that I did not have to fight. The only thing I got out of it was a sore head. Well, that's not true, a couple of my friends came out and fought with me a bit, and for that I am grateful.

I feel like I spend too much time standing in someone else's road with my sword and stake drawn, and I just can't seem to learn the lesson that I am NOT the "Savior of the Universe," nor do I need to be.

Today, I'm taking a day off from pitched battles. I'll go to work, do only the work I'm supposed to do, stay out of help forums and discussion boards, only make appointments on the phone, and just see what happens.

I'm betting the world will still be here tomorrow. I don't need to save it.