Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now for something completely random

I have suddenly found myself a student again, in the formal sense. I have taken a big personal push out of my protected zone and enrolled in a creative writing class- this means creative writing assignments. I was asked to rewrite lyrics to an existing song. Oddly, I chose a song I did not particularly like.

The feedback in the class is limited - we may be in the stage where we are applauding because the bears can dance. Since I expect this to be buried soon under a real post I will share my dancing bear here. The original song is "Torn" arranged for Natalie Imbruglia - we were supposed to write something new to match it.


I woke with stardust in my grasping hand

It burned cold

but I held on, and I was petrified

I saw grey, broken walls and cried

There’s nothing left to hang the banner now

The floors are bare, the ceiling’s gone

Even ghosts moved on

I’m still wandering through the halls

Nothing’s whole that’s left inside

The population’s lost or died

I keep going on

I will Stand

or Fall

I’m all out of faith

All I have is steel

And the stardust that I hold

while exposed to Fate

Illusionary change

I’ll make something real

The enemy’s within, I will see this victory forsworn

No, it’s not too late

I’ve already mourned

If I take the writings at their word

I reach the gate and find escape

And this song will be heard

The creeping dread won’t hold me now

I won’t despair

I don’t need luck

The way ‘s made clear

through cold stardust

I've seen so many things, it hurts so much

That’s all

I’m all out of faith

All I have is steel

I am cold, I am enraged

Deep in shadows by the floor

Step within my range

I’ll win something real

The enemy’s ahead and I will see his perfect plan is torn

He’s moved in too late

I’ve already mourned

Cold ashes where he used to lie

Stardust, steel

his blood runs dry

Now I am alone

I will Stand

Or Fall

I’m all out of faith

All I have is steel

And the stardust left I hold

calling back to Fate

Illusionary change

I’ll make something real

The enemy is gone, I have seen this victory is cold

No more need for faith

Doesn’t matter what I feel

I'm cold, I’m not ashamed

Burned and broken on the floor

You’re a little late

I’ve already mourned

1 comment:

Kelly said...

What an odd assignment.

Since I know the song well enough to hum the tune, it was easy for me to replace the words with yours.

I think you gave it a lot of emotion. Great emotional imagery with the steel and burned out stardust.

I hope you like the creative writing course, and I hope you get a lot from it, might be amidst a bunch of dancing bears, regardless of the point in the term, so hang in there. Knowing your writing...I think that might be the case.

I look forward to hearing more, if you choose to do so.