Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Poppet Picks a Cake

The Boy is having one of those important birthdays this summer. So the Birthday Poppet and I went shopping to find the perfect cake to take up to him, because he visits someone else's world in the the summer. This will be his last birthday as a visitor to that world. If he goes back after this birthday, it will be because he is working there.

If he works there, it will be because he's pretty good with bow and arrow.

Back to the cake.

There are lots of rules for visiting the visitors of the Other World and we have a system - we bring sushi, we pack enough to feed the natives, and like all good Red Queens I make sure that we can serve high tea.

Then we bring out the gift and the cake.

Because there are no candles allowed in this world ( they apparently do not trust me or my clan with fire - yet they supply my offspring with weaponry - I find this inconsistent) the Birthday Poppet, which belongs to the Boy, sits upon the cake and pretends to be a candle. The boy makes the Birthday wish and blows on the Birthday Poppet and then we all sing to him in two or three languages.

We no longer sing charmingly off key like we're supposed to because of the habit we have gotten into of singing Tom Lehrer songs together. We've lost the knack of not harmonizing.

We have been doing this since the Birthday Poppet arrived, this is third Birthday since he was first given to the Boy. That first time he was the gift. Here is this year's cake - a tiramisu cheesecake.

The Birthday Poppet was surprised I had considered anything else. The Boy discovered this cheesecake in November and talked about it fondly many times since.

The boy made his wish, we shared our food and a lovely time was had by all until the gatekeepers of the world caught on to the fact that we were still there longer than we were supposed to be - but time runs differently there, so we told them it was Time's fault.

And a lovely time was had by all - and the leftover tiramisu cheesecake came back home with the Birthday Poppet who was quite happy to celebrate with the leftovers at home. He is already planning things to celebrate the Boy's major birthday when he comes back to us, however I'm pretty sure it will be with the same cake.


Jessie said...

I almost got reamed for busting out poppets and cameras in a little candy shop in the mountains, i don't know how you pulled this off.

granted, two doors down was a woman who kept a goat on a leash sleeping in a dog bed and called it her dog and said it slept with her at night and also there was this guy in another store that was like THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS, BUT OBAMA IS ACTUALLY FROM PAPA NEW GUINEA! THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS! so the people might have been a little off.

but, i commend you for in store poppet action.

happy birthday to your boy. leos rock. i know this because i owns one.

(the other boy is a virgo.)

Charles B Reynolds said...

i wished the Boy a happy day in the ether world while he was in that Other world. i searched and found a friend i think the Red Queen would approve of. that friend should arrive when the Boy returns home. i could say it is Time's fault the friend arrives later than the Boy or his birthday. but do not poppets live in a time of their own choosing?