Friday, September 25, 2015

Play Entry 4

This article claims "play" but none of the activities described are play except the "play parachute" which sounds like a structured activity with rules and songs.

Are the children and seniors allowed to "Just Play" would anyone consider just leaving them in the room together for four hours and sit at the sides to see what would happened.

This is mediated contact with seven or eight goals that sound like they were there to get funding.

There is nothing wrong with this but the question becomes why is it even considered to be used in the context of "play"

Who are they using that word for - what work is it doing by disguising the fact that it is fixing broken social systems under a number of "acceptable" goals

"Seniors and children at play: Homeschooling program mends the generation gap"

They are not at play - they are in supervised educational and health environments with all their actions serving either the goals of the state or correction of the collateral damage by the culture. 

Is it only "play" because children are involved and not being evaluated and scored? 

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