Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crushing on Bradbury - Reading is FUNdaMENTAL

There are no TVs on the entire main floor of the house, the kitchen is here, the dining room is here, the living room is here. My house would burn to the ground. We have living room books and dining room books and kitchen books. There are also bedroom books and ALL of the Books (family room) and office books and each child's personal collection of books.

My religion is based on books and collecting the books and comparing the books and arguing about the books. I'm pretty religious that way, so I have a bunch of those books, and the books about the arguments about those books.  I play games that require their own books, and have replacement books. I treat my computer like a book. I just bought a computer with "book" in it's name - subliminal messaging perhaps?

They are decoratively placed so we don't look like one of those families who is owned by their books but our family room does resemble a library.

Without books there is no part of my life that would be as warm as it is - books provide the fire to make things four dimensional. We'd never make it talking to the walls.

That was the first thing I took away from Fahrenheit 451.

The second thing ,was that when Farber and Montag thought of the revolution and needed to network of people to put it into motion, Faber thought "Oh there are may actors alone who haven't acted Pirandello or Shaw or Shakespeare for years because their plays are too aware of the world. And we could use the honest rage of the historians who haven't written a line in forty years" 

A direct hit! As a former actor married to a historian, those who know us would surely agree with Farber that our rage would be easily tapped. I'm fighting my own rage being kept from acting Shakespeare right this second, and that's my own fault. I pity the censorship society that inflicts it on me involuntarily  since I can barely forgive myself. 

It's the first time I can remember every seeing anyone tag actors as being willing to participate in a revolution, and admitting that it would be for access to the art and not an act of ego. 

Actors are people too who are AWARE - with books! I now have a total schoolgirl crush on Mr. Bradbury, he's the only one who really understands me  . . . .


Michelle Wendt said...

What are poppets? Bradbury is my favorite Ray, ever since the 5th grade when I read "All Summer in a Day."
Never could shake that short story...

Drinne said...

Michelle: Poppets are creations by an artist name Lisa Snellings Clark. I discovered them while being the liaison for the ghost of Douglas Adams at Balticon. I love her large scale work but I am addicted to poppets. They're interactive. You get them and then all of a sudden you're taking pictures and writing things and you and your son are working on art projects together.

They are bigger on the inside than the outside. is the website - About Poppets tells you their history. The little sculptures with the hooded dresses in the pictures on the blog are all poppets.