Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Embarrassed Ambassador



The Embarrassed Ambassador has arrived! The Ambassador's arrival is wholly unexpected and therefore all the more welcome. Here in the Dreamtime we are all too aware that the "meat world" could use more gentleness and diplomacy. 

The Ambassador's arrival has made me think of the nature of healing. It's mission was to smooth the way with respect and peace and a sense of giving. It arrived on a day when I was at then end of my supply of all of the above. 

With physical illness there is a period between being so ill that you can't picture ever being healthy, and being well. This in-between state is also there with physical injury. It's that place in recovery where you think you SHOULD be able to behave like someone who isn't sick or injured because you don't feel nearly as bad as you did before, but it's an illusion. You aren't really healthy, you're just better.

If you've been sick a long time, people have to remind you that better is not healed, because you want to go do things. If you push too hard, or expect too much you can re-injure yourself, or create a relapse. But sometimes the people who remind you have forgotten as well.  Then instead of celebrating better, you and they mourn the loss of healthy

As the one who reminds, I am trying hard to remember, but I might only be better too.

Countries are like that. If too many countries think they are healthy when they are only better they re-injure themselves and no one really heals. It takes diplomacy to bring them back around to the business of trying to heal all the way.

It also takes diplomacy to care for people and organizations who are better, but a long way from healthy, which is a great deal of what I do.  I've been losing my diplomatic abilities lately. The Ambassador was a great help on a day when I needed it. 

Perhaps building the Embarrassed Embassy will help us get back to celebrating better, while preparing for healthy. 


Michelle Wendt said...

I am going to have to look into your poppets to see what you are on about. I am happy you were refreshed by your little visitor.

Michelle Wendt said...

Ok, after looking at the poppets, thanks for the link by the way, I can see the attraction. Better than your bunny obsession, though not as funny.