Friday, December 5, 2008

The Re-Gentrification Project Begins

The Embarrassed Ambassador is looking at the formerly prestigious Sesame Street location for his new Embassy. Current owners Bert and Ernie are planning on moving to Connecticut and realized the old neighborhood is not what it once was.

Cookie Monster is now acting as the local real estate mogul and happily shows off the amenities. He is particularly happy that the Reds are scoping out Hooper's Store for the Poppet Cafe.  He confides in the Ambassador that his cookie reformation is something that is contractually required, on his own time cookies are NOT a sometimes food, but he has found ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies in his cookies and tries to make sure that the ingredients are all local and organic.

The project will involve a great deal of renovation and the place may not be as recognizable if they sell it, the Ambassador would like Bert and Ernie to be very sure they are OK with sharing their legacy of respect and politeness and fun. 

The Poppets also spend some time with a resident who will NOT be moving. He is very excited that there will be a great deal of construction noise and mess. There will be heavy equipment and copious amounts of things that are no longer needed. He will only be upset when that day comes where the new rooftop garden is in place, all of the street facades will gleam and no further mess will be created. The Reds reassure him. If this works out well they may buy the buildings on the next block too. 

The Ambassador will invite his friends to check out the buildings tomorrow, since Bert and Ernie seem amenable to the deal.


Stacey said...

OMG!!! LMAO!!! I love it. teehee!

Drinne said...

Hi Stacey! I'm glad you like it! I was thinking of posting the grinding work details here but I might just keep the Ambassador's concerns here and maybe post the construction details in Spare Parts on the forums.

I noticed that you have an Embarrassed Poppet in your collection too. This would mean he/she could now apply for asylum if necessary! Or visit the embassy for tea. : )

Michelle Wendt said...

Too insane. I love the planned transformation of Sesame Street, though I hope it keeps some of its local flavor. For instance, will we still be able to hang out of the stoops talking to our furry friends?

Drinne said...

Stoops are forever - You can't have NY without stoops.

Also Oscar and Big Bird will be staying at their current residences. And you know real estate agents - they always like to check back after a successful deal. I'm sure that Cookie will be a regular customer at the Poppet Cafe.