Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Taunting - A Very Brainy Day

Last night was the Third Candle.  

Tonight is Christmas Eve, the complications of the Great Overlap are about to Begin. 

Last night the subtlety of the Taunting was displayed. Knowing gets you nothing. You can see that the take out boxes are larger, you can know that things are not predictable and yet - still the joy of surprise - Poppets do not travel alone. There is intellectual company and humans can play with their brains now too!

The Green Brain has entered into the spirit of celebration with her human immediately as they bonded over accessories. Green Brain, Green Bow - I believe she is a bit of a Diva.

The Orange Brain aides in it's own emergence . Like a Bunny in an easter egg, I wonder if there is something inherently and culturally Jewish about a brain in a take out box. It seems connected to me somehow. The Orange Brain is most likely a ninja brain. We used to dress it's human in orange so that he wouldn't disappear so easily. It just upped his DC check for you gamers out there. Both the brain and the human are adept at hiding in plain site long before TSR /Wizards of the Coast considered it a feat. It is as natural as breathing to the boy in our house. He has been trained to be seen by teachers and camp counselors, who've been known to consider reporting him to the police as a missing child, when he's been sitting  right in front of them, exactly where he is supposed to be. Maybe if he travels with his brain they'll be able to spot him? 

Perhaps not. 
The last time they really lost track of him he was walking around the public area with a deer skull on a stick looking for the TEVA teacher. He was wearing orange.

Here is the Third Candle Crew joining the First and Second Candle Crew. Tonight we will join the Perfectly Normal Side of the Family. They did not grow up with us and they tolerate us nicely.  One of them will get a Poppet. We'll see where it goes from there. 

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