Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Coffee Poppets are Here!

There will be more with my little kindred spirits later - for those of you who do not know me well, please understand I have a deep, deep love of coffee. I still remember a perfect cup of coffee that I had in August of 1999. I can describe it in every detail, the color, the selection of half and half instead of cream, the single scant teaspoon of sugar, the smoothness of texture and creaminess that blended and complimented the robust flavors of the roast instead of smothering them. When a cup of coffee is just right it encourages me to believe that there is such a thing as civilization.

Thus, the introduction of the Coffee Loving Poppets was followed by the cri de coeur  "They must be mine!".

At home I mostly drink alone, my husband does not share my passion, and my son begins to dabble in the way of java at the same time he begins to dabble in the logic of JAVA. I am sure there is a connection. But he does not drink coffee often, and not seriously, he is only just taking steps to developing his preferences and it is not yet a need or a passion. My daughter for various reasons should not truly be drinking coffee so therefore it is mostly something I do alone or with the coffee co-op at work where we try to limit our conversations so that our co-workers do not think we are even crazier than their current evaluations. 

So now, happily I can drink knowing that there are at least two creatures in my house who will appreciate bean and brew. 

Of course the Embassy Re-gentrification Project includes the Poppet Cafe, and the Reds were doing the groundwork, now the Coffee Poppets have arrived for the heavy lifting, stocking and designing. I do find it interesting that the Coffee Poppets did not arrive until the same day that I received the City Cafe restaurant supplies for the project. It's almost as if they weren't willing to make the trip until they knew for sure that they would have access to their own espresso machine.

I will tell the story of the Cafe equipment later. In the meantime here are the Coffee Poppets inspecting the potential Cafe Furnishings, and of course the Dreamtime Brew . . . . 

Not bad considering they'd only been here for about 15 minutes. . . . 

We are now off to make the Sunday Morning Brew.

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Stacey said...

Love these little vignettes. Sounds like they are doing just fine. Heh.