Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Taunting - Overlap

Last night was the Fourth Candle and it was also Christmas Eve, which means we had to find time for our Local Christmas Celebrating Family and still fufill the mitzvah of lighting the candles, to get ready to leave tomorrow to celebrate with our Non Local, Non Christian, Still Christmas Celebrating family.

So the Fourth Candle came after the Poppety inflection on extended Christmas Eve food and gift exchange. This winter Poppet was gifted to a Perfectly Normal but Perfectly Wonderful Grandward. She actually gifted a poppet to me!

I am now the proud owner of a Shamrock Poppet - They are referred to in the house as Irish Poppets. My Irish mother in law gave me an Irish Poppet! That was so sweet. 

We did manage to get candle lighting done between 10 and 11, but that means that we were a bit bleary eyed, and the Poppets for 4th night were up a little late too.  We have pics but we'll have to go back and do a dramatic reenactment of the opening of the Alien Poppet Playset for the son-type person and the Poppets Are Watching T-shirt for the daughter type person.  They were very happy, but we suspect after this morning that the Alien Poppet might be in league with Aunti Claus.  . . .

More on that tomorrow. Best Quote from The Taunting. "You're in a bag and you're not a poppet. You're too soft to be a brain  . . . . .what are you?"

Coming tomorrow - Taunting on Tour

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