Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Inspection

Algernon and his Poppet were called in for the inspection of the Embassy property

They were immediately concerned about the condition of the floors and the knowledge that unlike Poppets the space was not bigger on the inside than the out. 

Cookie had tried to sell the place "as is" at a discount if the Ambassador would bypass the inspection, but New York state laws wouldn't let that happen even if the Ambassador were willing.

Algernon and his Poppet used their mad skillz to check out the foundation:

What was discovered here was that the base is attached by long pin brads and that the humans that will be involved in the reconstruction and renovation may well be able to take the whole thing apart. The brads are rusty and may disintegrate when removed or may not be able to be replaced.

An suggestion is promoted by Algernon as he suggests that more than one city block be obtained to experiment upon. It's good to be in a recession proof reality . . . . . 

The Humans have decided to follow up with the suggestion - plans for a Major Project are underway, permits are being applied for, graft is being enabled. 

The papers are signed and the Re-Gentrification Project is underway!


Anonymous said...

This is just all too cute. I am glad you are writing stories again. I remember when you were so pissed off that you could write a better Star-trek extension novel but wouldn't get paid enough. You were like 19 then. I miss you, keep up the poppets, I look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but every time read the name Algernon I think of this:

Drinne said...

Hi unelaborated,

I've never heard that song before. It's funny as hell. Algernon in this case is the name of the Brain, the poppet who accompanies him is Algernon's Poppet, which is also the name of the piece. According to Lisa Snellings Clark, (the artist who creates the poppets) the sculpture does have a connection to Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

It might be a stretch ,but Algernon actually lights up when you stroke his brainy belly - would that count as an epithet?