Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Taunting + Sesame Street has a New Cabbie

The Second Candle has been lit, the Second Night Poppets have been released.

Color Me Happy was greeted with Squeeing and joy. The recipient had been sure no one would ever think to get her a Poppet that was so cheery, and she had really, really wanted one. 

Crash Test Poppet was met with similar enthusiasim and immediate plotting since the human that Crash would be collaborating with is part of the construction team for the Embarrassed Embassy. 

The Second Candle Crew has joined the First Candle Crew, in front of the Matriarchal Menorah ( who knows that she is a Channukia but doesn't like putting on airs. ) Her name is Goldie and like everything else in the house there is a story behind her. While I am not often in the habit of anthropomorphizing ritual objects Goldie is special - she is the first Channukia I purchased myself and it took me about twelve years to find one that I wanted to own. 

Crash arrived on the same day as the Yellow Taxi Cab Company agreed to provide Poppet Size Service. There had been some question as to who would be driving the specialized vehicle. Crash of course applied for the job immediately and said he was proud to be part of a long line of immigrant cab drivers on Embassy Row.


Travel Writer said...

The Pics are soooooooooo Cute!

Anonymous said...

Color Me Happy looks delightful! I must say, I'm a wee bit nervous about the poppet that's used to crashing driving everyone around, but I'm sure it'll all end up fine ^_^