Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Opinions

The Embarrassed Ambassador and the Reds very much liked the proposed site and the neighbors seemed properly friendly and weird. Embassies are tricky things though, an Embassy is a tiny piece of displaced nation held together by law and fiction. The Embassy would be an outpost, a refuge, an asylum. It would be like a room of one's own in a foreign apartment. But it is also a place where you adjust to the land you are in. 

So an embassy must be welcoming to poppets, muppets, humans and moppets. This was the only way to be sure that the future Embarrassed Embassy could live up to the immortal Embarrassed Motto "We Apologize for the Inconvenience", and make sure that people and poppets could feel really good about it. They would have to be able to arrange for scooter rentals as well. Just for tradition's sake. Embassies are very concerned about traditions, as well they should be.

The Ambassador invited Sunray who was always the most cheerful of visitors, to come visit with the neighbors. She reported back that they were most pleasant and not interested in eating bugs at all no matter where they were on the food chain. As a matter of fact some of the neightbors were bugs! She enjoyed meeting the Tweedlebugs. Indeed Sunray found that she and Big Bird had a lot in common, including a love of hiding in tubes.

Winter was quite taken with the dignity of the architecture and the views. She was also quite polite to Cookie's repeated offers of escort to the nearby Desert Bar.  She made sure to put out a statement to Cindy Adams of the Post that she was flattered that Cookie was so welcoming and that rumors that he was just trying to use her to cover a third desert that night were simply incorrect. She also agreed the current buildings needed work and the function spaces would need to be formalized. 

Stripe thought that it was very interesting but recommended that the Ambassador might want to invest in more Security since it was obvious that the "Broken Windows" crime prevention policy had skipped this neighborhood. Why there weren't any whole windows at all! Rudy Guliani failed to return any requests for comment, saying that he was concentrating on tanning in Florida now that the election was over. 

All in all the proposed site was a great hit. All who were invited thought they would be happy to be invited back. While there were still many negatives and a great deal of work to be done, the Ambassador was ready to declare the search over and call Sesame Street his future home. 

Now the Ambassador just had to go through the inspection!

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