Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Taunting - Travel Edition Sixth Candle

Our travel tale continued with wayward Poppets at the fore. Skeletons were scheduled for the sixth night and Little Love Remains had shown up weeks in advance ready for her close up ( as long as she could wear her mask). When she arrived she showed off her practical side since her mask had it's very own little velvet bag, but her companion the Skeleton Playset had wandered off on his own. The Alien Poppet had delayed departure to make sure he was coming along, but they had separated on their way together. 

You can't stop The Taunting, so with the help of the House Reds, we messed with it instead . . . . The Sixth Night Takeout containers were brought to Grandma's house, they stayed under the fruit bowl until those candles were lit. Little Love Remains was met with squeeing and "OMG that is SO cute." (Much to Grandma's confusion)

And then the next Takeout Container was opened and out popped . . . .

It was the Most Adventurous Red In The House . . . Pretending to be a Skeleton. We thought he did a very good job as a stunt poppet. The Most Adventurous Red in the House usually lives in a Ram's Horn called a Shofar, and when that Shofar when to Synagogue this year for Rosh Hashanah, he somehow or another made a daring leap in the bag and went along too. Somewhere on the way home he got into another adventure he hasn't told us about and is sporting a bit of a chip on the right side of his forehead. 

He is very distinguished and afraid of nothing. He knew that the Little Black Poppet that had been displaced by El Gatto, had found the Skeleton and they were on their way, but they would not make it in time to Travel. It was totally his idea. He might also have just wanted to Go To Grandma's House. He does like to travel. Thus the Sixth Candle Taunting was saved.