Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tales of the Tiny Alien Episode 1

It had taken months to get where he was going. There were numerous delays, no hierarchy whatsoever, technical difficulties, all sorts of linguistics issues, but none of that would stop the Tiny Alien from accomplishing his mission; Total Domination of Trick or Treating!

He had heard rumors of a world with tiny alien sized doors, that held tiny alien size candy bars. This was his goal. There is no honor in filling up your bag with human sized candy since it doesn't take more than one piece to do it, but this  . . . . this was a challenge. 

He manipulated his chain of command to get assigned to the proper spacecraft, skulked and hid and pushed other Tiny Aliens out infront of him, volunteering them for other destinations just so that he could make it to that world of Tiny Doors. There was a great deal of turbulence in the two month's travel, his pod sustained some light damage on the way. He did not believe that there was actual enemy action, but he and his ray gun were prepared for it if they were. 

Finally he and all his equipment arrived in the proper orbit and he circled around, scouting the location with an exhaled sigh of relief. "Whew!"

Unfortunately, this drew the attention of a rather large entity who thought the Tiny Alien was reporting for duty. The Tiny Alien mightily drew himself up to his full height and aimed his weaponry, meeting the fearsome entity directly. It immediately bared it's teeth and made high pitched noises. It took the translation device about a week to get enough local information to translate the noises into the following statement "Omygod, you are SOOO adorable."

This made the Tiny Alien very cranky once he understood it. Of course, he might also have been cranky because his new position in this planetary activity was apparently to wait inside a squarish green pod to be activated for another command. It was cushy inside with lots of amenities but the Tiny Alien wanted to be Out and Doing Things and most importantly Trick or Treating.  Like all warriors in worlds and universes everywhere, he was forced to hurry up and wait. 

And then the day came. He was released from the pod. Drawing himself up to his full height he introduced himself to his new commander who understood immediately the deep and unfilled need of the Tiny Alien. His commander put him down infront of a perfectly proper tiny door and the Tiny Alien stood bag and raygun at the ready. His heart pounded, the alien equivalent of adrenaline rushing through the alien equivalent of his ears. The bell was rung.  The door was answered and the Joyous Call was shouted menacingly  . . . . . "Trick or Treat or Else!" 

"Oh dear," was the response. "I'm afraid this is a completely different holiday . . . .  I can try to find some 'else' "

Will the Tiny Alien be cranky enough to use his Ray Gun? What is "Else" and does it involve candy?  Are there other doors to ring?  Join us for the Next Episode of Tales of the Tiny Alien and Find Out!

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Stacey said...

the suspense is killing me! LOL!