Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tales of the Tiny Alien Episode 3 - Progress?

When we last left our Tiny Alien he was considering taking roast beast from strangers, after successfully getting something that he could technically quantify as a Treat. Still he was looking to see if the Green Gentleman was actually some sort of Trick. 
Our story continues. . . .

The Green Gentleman introduced himself as a member of Who's Who. The Tiny Alien found that he had once declared an all out war on the local holiday currently being celebrated. To hear the gentleman tell it, the sonic effects of the choral singing traditional to the holiday were enhanced by the particular sonic frequencies of one Cynthia Louisa Who, which cured a congenital heart condition by stimulating it's growth. It seems that the Green Gentleman's four chambered heart was a third of the size Green Gentleman are supposed to have. Much like the Tiny Alien, he was pretty cranky at the time, and really had some rather nefarious plans, which seemed a lot like Trick or Treating but without asking. There was of course no Honor in such a course of action. The Green Gentleman agreed, but admitted that he really didn't see it that way until his miracle cure. The Tiny Alien accepted the invitation to come over for some roast beast and try to figure out what to do next. They were joined by another local who was a green amphibian and quiet poetic about it.

As they sat over their beautifully carved roast beast, they spoke to each other for a while about how best to be true to their own natures. The Green Gentleman admitted that it was still in hs nature to run around and startle people with grandiose schemes and then smile disconcertingly and say "Just Kidding." The Amphibian admitted that he was a wee bit t0o pragmatic and perhaps a bit of a perfectionist, so he was always trying to help others get projects underway but sort of freaking out when it got close to deadlines or something interfered with the ability to complete his task. The Tiny Alien admitted that while the Honorable Act of Trick or Treating was important, he was pretty sure that there were other things to do and see. The Amphibian and the Green Gentleman took the opportunity to explain that the holiday being celebrated was a time of brightening up the darker days caused by the planet's rotation around the earth and that locally it was celebrated by singing, food and the exchange of presents.

A brief analysis on the Tiny Alien's part indicated that the primary differences were that Treats were exchanged without Tricks, only some people wore costumes, and that choirs singing "whahoowarry" could cause spontaneous heart expansion. It seemed nice enough and he certainly enjoyed the roast beast, but the Amphibian pointed out that perhaps dedicating one's life to the pursuit of a single holiday wasn't necessarily the best way to pursue that holiday. He suggested a kind of journey to find out where the Tiny Alien belonged. Not that the Tiny Alien didn't belong here of course. There were all kinds of people in the neighborhood. The Green Gentlemen suggested that one of the people in the neighborhood was an Oracle, or an indie record store owner which was just as good. He was fairly sure that she would know how to help the Tiny Alien figure out what to do next. All the Tiny Alien would have to do is go to the corner store and ask her for an egg cream like her mother used to make, then either she or her brother would probably ask all sorts of interesting questions and tell the Tiny Alien all sorts of interesting things. If the things were interesting enough, she might want to meddle and if she wanted to meddle then the Tiny Alien was sure to have all sorts of interesting adventures after that. If nothing else it would at least kill some time for him until it was Time for Trick or Treating in the land of Tiny Doors.

It did seem to be more of a long term plan than the Tiny Alien had on his own. Also the Green Gentleman explained that the upcoming holiday would arrive with or without bells, whistles, packages and bows, so he would be able to partake of the festivities no matter what (he was however warned about the dangers of unexpected heart expansion.)

The three compatriots agreed to meet again and support each other in the experience of being green in a world where most of the inhabitants were not. One for all and all for one; and that sort of mildly plagiarized thing. The Tiny Alien stayed overnight and left to follow the  instructions promptly at lunchtime the next day. He got to the window and saw the Indie Record Store Oracle serving fountain drinks through it. He drew himself up to his full height and prepared to introduce himself, but the force of habit overtook him and he announced "Trick or Treat, or Else!" instead.

He would have been mortified if he were built that way, but he wasn't, so he was belligerent instead. Having once committed to the act, he threw the full force of his action behind it. The Indie Oracle however smiled a quirky little smile and said "Well if you're going to be that way about it, we'll have to go with Trick, but first let me introduce you to my little brother."

The Tiny Alien suddenly felt a tiny bit apprehensive, the brother looked normal enough but there seemed to be a small problem with the laws of physics in his general vicinity . . . . .

What has the Tiny Alien gotten himself into? Is the Oracle setting him up? What is an eggcream anyway? Was it cosmically significant? The answer to these and other questions will be in the next episode o Tales of The Tiny Alien . . . .

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