Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poppet Sale on Saturday, March 28!! And Sunday!!

The Poppets are cleaning up the store, the artist is clearing out her space.

Strange Studios,where Lisa Snellings houses Poppet Planet, is clearing out the studio to get ready for new and different projects.

Thus there will be a clearance sale on Saturday.

If you're one of the people who uses this blog just to check and see if I'm alive and you've never seen any of Lisa's art besides my Poppets you should check out some of her other work here and here.

I love the poppets, but her larger scale work is the first good, completely selfish reason I've ever had to become independently wealthy and have a gallery. 

The link to Poppet Planet proper is on the sidebar but it is also here.

The Sale will be through her ebay store here.  Saturday  March 28th. She is promising to put up a lot of older stuff. I'm personally hoping that she has one of these still:

She probably doesn't, but I'm warning you if she does, and there's just one, it is SOOOO mine. 

We will of course try to attempt to show some restraint but I for one am fascinated by the idea of "older stuff".

There are Poppets I might not even know about and maybe they will be there.

There are Poppets that might need to come to Poppetropolis and the Embarrassed Embassy.

There might be a version of a Poppet that Got Away.

There might be Brains.

In my head it's a little like Willie Wonka having a yard sale. 

We will be there (virtually of course, and after sundown).  We suggest you be there too. 

We already have a strategy  . . . . . We are prepared. 

To summarize 

Poppet Sale 

Saturday, March 28th 

Be there.

It's here.


Jessie said...

God this is deadly.

I know I'll end up with something crazy.

Oh and PS thanks for the advice :)

Anonymous said...

Just my luck....

Stacey said...

"willy wonka having a yard sale" OMG, soooooo true. Ack!

Anonymous said...

Did you find anything you like??

Drinne said...

I seem to be in a heated battle for Choco Foppet against d***v, but I have determined that discretion is the better part of valor there and will concede the field.

I've also acquired a drunken poppet for a relative not to be named on my blog and a basic hardware brain for a person to be named by someone else : )

I think I'm about to commit to crazy kinds of cash to secure a non sale poppet and I'm holding my own in two more sale auctions so we'll see.

I will update with my sale craziness when the dust settles.

I'm a little sad about the choco foppet, because my first exposure to Poppets came from Rayyn who pulled out her "in progress" choco foppet" . . . never mind it's a ridiculously long story.

How about you Kelly - any new folk in transit?

Stacey said...

whew. I'm afraid I'll have Poppet hangover in the morning, but it was a wild ride.

Can't wait to see your new "neighbors," Drinne!

Stacey said...

oh and btw, I LOVE your "ridiculously long stories."

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist buying a poppet, but I should have! I have a black poppet on the way :)

Sounds like you had fun, to say the least!

Drinne said...

@Kelly - Black Poppets are kewl -they work with the shiny tech and ours are forming a garage band.

@Stacey - I manage to win one Poppet for myself -I'm the proud owner of a Choco Poppet, so that my daughter's Choco is not alone and when said daughter moves out there will still be a Choco here.

The others are gifts, but I'm now in a full out bidding battle for Wind. The bidding ends at 4am on my coast so I'm at a disadvantage. so I plan on taking all the money from the bids I lost and putting it towards that one.

Even if I just drive up the price it will be good for Poppet Planet, I have a feeling recessions aren't good for artists. But since Wind came out right after my Brundibar experience I just really feel a powerful connection to the butterflies and a Poppet being blown by the wind but still standing.

I know it was a coincidence coming after the inner workings post but it's MY coincidence.

New Tiny Alien coming up tomorrow.

Drinne said...

Update - I have emerged victorious! (Finally) Wind is wending it's way here. I think Wind is one of the Poppet Gendered Poppets.

Anonymous said...


Stacey said...

Poppet gendered?

Ha! wv is "acting." Why is it that when I see that word all by itself, I think of the SNL skit "Master Thespians" with John Lithgow and Jon Lovitz. "Actinggggg!"

Wish I could find it on youtube, that thing cracks me up!

Stacey said...

Here's the transcript.