Friday, March 6, 2009

Tales of the Tiny Alien Episode 5 - Step 3 . . . Prophet!

When last we left our Tiny Alien  . . . hey wait, No! Hold on you can't do that here . . . .

What's Happened! The world has turned, the community gathered, things are Strange and the apple water has turned to fire, the Jacko's hum. The Oracle, having just bobbed for her apple, steps back suddenly and sings:

"There's no earthly way of seeing 

Which direction causes being 

You can’t see which way you’re going

Or which way the time is flowing 

Is it starlight?  Is it snowing?  Is a sandstorm gently blowing? 

Not a speck of light is showing 

So the danger must be growing 

Is the burning man a glowing? 

Is the grisly reaper hoeing ? 


Dangerous flowers must be growing 

For the pirates keep on rowing 

And the Ninjas, they’re not showing 

Any signs that they are slowing!"


The other worldly light encircles them, it is not an Other World the Tiny Alien is familiar with. The Oracle looks deep and thoughtful. She intones the directions for the Tiny Alien's journey in a deep voice full of the mysteries of ages and egg creams. The Tiny Alien shakes in fear and confusion. Then, with the full wrath of siblings everywhere, she turns her glare on her brother.

"Alex, where did you get the water from . . . . " the implied threat hangs visibly in the orange light.

Alex flickeres in and out. "I went to this waterfall I know. Do you want some chocolate?"

What will the Tiny Alien do now? Join us next time for Tales of the Tiny Alien.

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