Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Will Fix it

"Hmmn, she's sick again, how tiresome that must be for her. Some strawberries should help."

"Don't be silly, she should have Whipped Cream, it fixes everything."

"Strawberries have anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, what good will Whipped Cream do her?"

"It's pretty and it tastes good. See. And she's just sick again,  she doesn't have cancer. Just bad luck with bacteria this month."

"It does look prettier this way."

"Told you so."

"Something's missing though. I don't really think this will do it."

"You may be right, but what's missing?" 

"We Know."

"It is Mandatory. We shall get started immediately. This will fix it."

"Well, if they're going to do that, we should certainly do this."

"Hey! That's not healthy!"

"No but it's chocolate and it goes with coffee. It's the rule of 4."

"There's a rule of 4? I don't know that rule."

"Well then you just weren't paying attention. Coffee, chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream. You see how it works?"

"Not really."

"Trust me. The chocolate will make sure that this will fix it"

"Trust you?"

"OK! Everyone ready? Let's call her down - she'll be good as new in no time, or at least happier."

"Shouldn't she be writing for the Embarrassed Embassy tonight?  She might not get to it if we interrupt her." 

"It's OK. We'll make an announcement. Announcements solve everything that Whipped Cream and chocolate don't cover."

"And Coffee"

"Coffee is Mandatory."



This Blog will be temporarily distracted by Dessert. Normal Blog Functions will resume when Dessert has fixed things.

Thank you.

The Poppets


Kelly said...

Good and Bad Poppet stole the show on this one, Drinne!

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Stacey said...

ROTFL!!! Enjoy! looks yummy!

Jessie said...


Man all my poppets do is deal crack and get busted for it by the Officer.

kuroshii said...


i think real whipped cream can be justified/rationalized by virtue of being DAIRY. dairy means it has calcium, which is good for us girls especially. see how easy that was? ;)

(i don't know if i've ever posted here before, but i'm the same kuroshii as posts on occasion over on poppetplanet forum. hiya!)

hope you're at least on the mend by now.

Drinne said...

Thanks guys. Finally Feeling better now ( the medicine involved was a that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger thing)

Kuroshii - Welcome! Can I get you some whipped cream? I frequently use the dairy argument for ice cream. I have in fact fed my children Bannana Splits for dinner because I got more real fruit and diary into them that way than if I had made them a normal dinner.

My actual answer to whipped cream is - "There's no such thing as too much whipped cream" Yetzair HaRa ( the Evil Influence) it totally on the same page a me there.

Embassy Story Tomorrow - Promise!