Monday, September 27, 2010

Safety Word?

I've recently read some very good advice:

"Always have a safety word installed with your loved ones, in the event that an evil doppleganger from another universe tries to take your place."

I am known for taking precautions to reduce risk.

Assuming that evil dopplegangers will be waaayyy to busy to read through my meandering with poppets the safety word is "Renoir".

If I can't explain why - then it's a doppleganger who was smart enough to find and figure out the blog.

If I explain why and it still sounds fishy - check with the inhabitants of the House. They'll know.

But I wonder sometimes - why is it always the doppleganger that's evil, what if I'm evil and the doppleganger is good?

What if the doppleganger and I are both neutral?

Maybe we should both sit down for tea and discuss this . . . . I'll bake scones.

(Hmmmn . . . . . if it doesn't bake, it's definitely evil, and definitely a doppleganger . . . . forget the safety word - safety word plus Bake-off!)


unelaborated said...

I'm under the impression that the best way to check for doppelgangers and other shape-shifters is to ask for blood. Non-humans supposedly don't bleed red.

Drinne said...

Ah but in at least one case in question it's just a parallel universe me that has taken over and left Me1 in their universe instead - so she'd still bleed, but her chances of knowing the reason for Renoir would be low.

MW said...

We don't have a safety word, but we do have a WORD that we use when we need to have a quick, private conversation. Once one of us invokes the WORD, we all know to shut up about whatever we are talking about and wait until we can talk privately. It works!