Friday, October 16, 2015

Play Entry 11 - Shared Complaint

"And that’s okay! It’s okay that it’s a fun topic to read and think about. The same way that Mark Rosewater insists that One With Nothing is valuable to the game precisely because people can complain about it, it’s kind of fun to bitch with your friends about how fucking expensive the newest Jace already is. The same way that tourney grinders love to talk shop about how the new cards might perform in the new Standard, it’s really fun for finance grinders to talk shop about…how the new cards might perform in the new Standard."

The "fun" of shared complaint - it is different than sharing a burden.

Last night with my friend we played with the set where the "fun" is eluding me but using our favorite format where everything is usually more "fun" it blended in well with a more enjoyable set. Sharing the complaint of being unable to read the cards due to disability was not "fun" it was however bonding and exploratory - she is a person I can ask who does not have a disability what the cards look like to her - that could lead to problem solving for me. This is closer to "work" or "work for play".

Sharing the complaint of the muddy artwork and similar card visuals that was NOT disability related WAS a kind of fun - discovery of not aloneness, shared aesthetic, shared expertise (we are both alumnae of the same art school - different media) I think that shared complaint may only be "fun" but we were not "playing" and it was not "play"Interacting with each other and the cards however was "play" - the subjective quality would have been a kind of lightness - is there more of a discovery aspect? 

The method of play is based on surprise - sealed booster packs of cards are opened and only seen/discovered through gameplay. We have an expectation of finding something, the act of rules-based interaction (the strucutural aspect of the game which is vetted as enjoyable and repeatable) but comments made about art both positive and negative added to the "play" factor - we are sharing discoveries WITH personal subjective opinions - we discover the cards and more of each other.

This makes me think of how you keep your hamster healthy and happy by hiding food and treats for your hamster to discover. There are no "negative" discoveries in either system. Hamster treat finding is play for the human trying to balance the discoverability with the surprise for the hamster and what is it for the Hamster - who does not need the treat to survive - the idea of the treat as play or opportunity to play may be thought of here.


The quote above is from a site Hipsters of the Coast - they are a branded Magic content site that assumes it leans left their forays into MtG Finance are interesting as the echo many of the complaints for the people who want to play - but I still see very little self-knowledge about the justification of play through capitalist language /acts even though it saturates all the conversations

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