Friday, October 2, 2015

Play Entry 5

"Now that hosiery is no longer quite so compulsory, it has been refashioned as a site of play. The browser confronts a carnival of decorative possibilities: jubilations of patterned tights and dainty plays of dots, embroidery suggesting the avant-­garde compromise of a tea cozy and a temporary tattoo. There are mass-­market numbers apparently engineered to adjust to body temperature and most definitely embellished with crystals, and there are high-end fishnets constructed with an understanding of the millimetric nuances in flirtiness. "

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Unknown said...

That was a worthwhile read. I haven't worn pantyhose in ages because I haven't worn a skirt in that long, but I still wear nylon knee-highs with trousers and work-appropriate shoes--I feel that my feet sweat more and are more prone to blisters without that cobweb-thin mitigating layer. And I really do like the look of a stocking-clad leg over a bare one, but that might well be due to having grown up in the era of L'eggs and Underalls.

On the other hand, I was seriously considering patterned hosiery as Burning Man wear, I just ran myself out of time to look for styles that would fit the occasion, my body AND my budget. :)

Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to the next in the series!