Friday, October 2, 2009

If I were on Fark I would submit this with a Hero Tag

Best Librarian Response to a request to remove a book:

I discovered it by way of Neil Gaiman's blog, but please read this post by an actual Librarian, handling things with grace, intelligence and respect.

I miss those things so much . . . .

Then find a way to help support this librarian.

And I will try something that belongs to a different side - I will pray for the parent. My religion doesn't really do things like that, and I'm not sure I buy into a responsive deity but hey, maybe sending out positive vibes hoping that she at least realizes that she has the freedom to teach her child her way is better than my initial cynical reaction.

My first reaction doesn't help anything either, it just furthers the divide. So I'll learn from the Librarian and borrow from the parent and experiment to see what happens.

My religion does pray for peace. We long for it, like a teenager in unrequited lust, like a miser for gold, like an historian for primary source documents, like a librarian for books.


Jessie said...

We went back to the library to ask about David's beer book that he requested. We were surprised to learn that the desk lady didn't put in the order after all because she knew the head librarian wouldn't buy a book like that.

Strange and sad.

Romeo said...

Who was it that said what amounts to "I believe in a cruel God"?