Saturday, October 10, 2009

Work is continuing- Let the Music Play!

This week I've been working on the Music Room for the house I'm working on with Lisa.

I'm really quite happy with what I've got going so far. There are approximately 83 seperate peices for the House so far and I'm at that point of the project where it looks so close to finished that other people think it's mostly done, and I know that there are miles to go before I sleep - or declare it done.

I take photos with the Poppets that live in the House to make sure that everything still makes sense when Poppets are in it, after all it's for them.

Here is the more finished version of one area of the music room:

A lot more work has been done in the room since the picture with the Poppets in it - I've painted the piano, and the phonograph, made a vase instead of the red bottle, figured out a way to make the piano bigger on the inside than the out and I'm going to use my own fireplace to do the finish work on the Poppet Fireplace.

But I think it's coming along nicely. My deadline date is Oct 19th and after todays's work on the Arcane Attic Workroom, I'm pretty comfortable we're going to make it.

I did have one bit of weirdness this week though, I posted this picture on the Flickr slide show:

And it got a couple of dozen hits more than any of my other pictures on Flickr. Very odd! I wonder if someone used it to illustrate some blog post about the anniversary of Poe.

I mean - I'm quite proud of it and all - I made the table from scratch but it's a minature living room that's completely out of context and it seemed to have been running around the internet all on it's own, building up it's own fanbase.

It doesn't even have a clever name. The picture is labeled "living room with bookshelf facing".

Oh well, more power to it. It's meant to have a life of it's own in someone else's home anyway, it might as well get a head start.

Here's a picture of the music room with a full sized Poppet in it.

Enough chit-chat, back to work for me!

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