Thursday, June 25, 2009


It is hard to admit that you are broken, but perhaps it is harder to admit that you are worn.

There is sympathy for broken, and the possibility of repair. 

But the reality of worn is that it feels like failure without cause.

And maybe I must admit to a bit of both. 

Which is crushing.

I am worn.

But I have a new brain. Perhaps it can patch up the old one and help it fly right. A Cat came along for the ride. 

I am crushed, and broken, and worn, but not invisible. 

Which is scary but it helps.  Thank you Lisa, for reminding me. 

With a Cat and a brain you could hardly disappear now could you? No? I didn't think so. 


Anonymous said...

being worn is natural, though, it comes with time.

i hope your brain is patchable, and things are better soon.

you are far from invisible, trust me.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, cats have been known to disappear leaving nothing behind but their smile.

And take heart in knowing that even if you are invisible, you will never be inaudible.