Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whereupon we go to Arts in the Park

I have been stuck in a spiral causing weakness and withdrawal, one feeding the other. I resisted leaving the House.

However . . .the Poppets conspired with the Perfectly Normal Husband. Today the Stripes and the Most Adventurous Red wanted to support our local artists. This is different than supporting our cross country artist. 

We have a strong Environmentalist streak in our area, almost more Victorian in nature than the modern sort. There is a park that was the site of the original High School for the township that had fallen into disrepair. Volunteers created a nonprofit and dedicated themselves to not only improve and use the lot, they made it a showcase for local flora during the year and give nature walks and such. This event is a fundraiser for that park and it's conservation work.

In this place I find things for myself and others that we use in our lives. This is the third year I have gone, but it is also the reminder that last year at this time, we had just met Poppets and discovered that Poppets loved Art Shows. So we brought them.

Every year in the fashion of old Townships with history and pride everywhere, they have an Arts Festival which generally brings out some fine arts people; watercolorists, painters, mixed media types, and some crafting artisans. Frankly there are more than their fair share of artisans who make jewelry, which is VERY popular here, but not really my cup of tea and pottery which is totally my cup of tea. Sometimes literally.

Every year something is bought and brought to the House, but this year, having fallen in love with certain people's work over the last two years I made decisions having barely set foot on the grounds. I have commissioned a work from Victoria Cox, that will live in my house as a sign of hope. It happens to be functional.  She makes Quilted Baskets.

The Most Important thing to me is the  Arts in the Park textiles. I have a philosophy that the things that I use at home should be things that support someone else living their dream. I try to make sure the things I will see everyday are also art. 

I know Vicky's work because I help friends organize their houses as a bit of a hobby (although I will possibly consider it as an occupation if my current line of work dries up.) And I've had them obtain her baskets to keep their organization systems flexible and attractive. If things are pretty, I've noticed people are more likely to use them. 

-Last year Winter and Spook accompanied us, but only came out to play once or twice. This year my Poppety companions
 were interested from the very beginning. We were new to each other then. I've learned to let them wander their own way a bit more. When Vicky met the Poppets she was enthused and they were as well. She invited the Stripes to inspect her work closely as you can see in the first picture and they agreed that the work was sewn securely. It was good. They wondered if I might want to commission something to Organize the bits of Poppetropolis that were bigger on the inside. I told them that there would be more of an understanding of what might hold their world properly when it was done being constructed. 

It was agreed that the design I had ordered would serve  it's intended purpose well. The Most Adventurous Red heartily approves of the firey colors -the item is for The Girl of the House.

The Most Adventurous Red assured Vicky that we would come to visit her studio and I know the Stripes are dreaming up nefarious schemes to get some quilted baskets of their own.

Then they went and played at the Candle Gallery. We did not need candles at the house but Poppets asked politely and were welcomed to roam about much to the amusement of the Candlegal, who wanted to make sure they were enjoying themselves and arranged things to make sure they would.

Her candles remind me of the modern sculptures that I used to play around at the Brooklyn Museum when I was tiny and far more poppet-like.

Her work also reminds of circuses and crayons, or maybe circuses made of crayons that you could set on fire. 

Circuses are more fun with fire.

Then the Poppets met Bruce's Buddy.

Bruce 's Buddy was created by Nita at Re-Threads who recycles things and makes them into reminders and friends.

Bruce's Buddy was based on a pattern that Nita's grandmother had used to make her a buddy to take to college and Nita used that pattern to make one for her daughter to take to college as well. Then all of Nita's daughter's friends wanted one as well. 

Because they are happening, college-bound, artistic types, Bruce's Buddys sometimes have an assortment of piercings and tattoos. Nita told us some of their stories. Bruce's Buddy told stories too. He and his friends and the Poppets got along very well, but since he was made of scraps he admitted wasn't sure what he was made of, but he was totally certain that he was colorfast and machine washable. 

The Most Adventurous Red assured him that those were very good things to be. The Most Adventurous Red had of course attempted to be Machine Washable himself, but discovered himself to be otherwise. 

Then one of the Stripes scouted ahead and found the most wondrous things . . . .

Cascades of woven ribbons and yarns. Moveable and wearable and very much like Home. Some of the ribbons used in the work were the same ribbons the Poppets of the House had been wrapped with when they travelled here.

He quickly called the others over and they surveyed the offerings.

It was determined that they should indeed endorse the creator of these Distinctive Designs by Diane and her partner in fabric who made most excellent headbands at Tasseled Totes. She helped the Poppets while they shopped.

There is some conversation amongst the Poppets as to whether or not you could use Diane's knitting for proper walls at Poppetropolis, either inside or out. It was determined that while the scarves were about as Poppety as a human could get, it wouldn't be appropriate for the Embassy, but the other reality that is owned by Storm might well have gossamer walls that would work well. 

I didn't really catch all of the discussion since I was busy buying three of the items in question. The textures are like complex drawings. You will see them here again in future pictures, because when I brought them home many other Poppets had ideas for them as well.

We stopped earlier at Tansy Threads, a woman whose work I have admired for the last two years. She picks the most amazing fabrics and combines them in ways that echo my own mixed media work and home decor. Hers is a dangerous, dangerous place to go. And worse than that; she was having a sale.

I did not expect the Poppets to come out here,
I had bought a breadbasket earlier, but on our second trip back they chose to introduce themselves and they were met with much charm and enthusiasm. They entertained themselves while the Perfectly Normal Husband and I worked on selecting fabrics for use in our shared space. 

They enjoyed themselves so thoroughly I do not have room for the all evidence here in the Dreamtime, but perhaps a slideshow will do.

Today was a good day, it was sunny and I have not seen much of the sun, literally or metaphorically. I walked even though I've been weakened and I'm grateful to the Perfectly Normal Husband and the Poppets for insisting on the trip. Finding friendly people who make beautiful things. It is a far better method for checking where your strength is than what I had planned. 

I hope the Poppets brightened up their day as much as meeting them improved mine, turnabout being fair play. 

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