Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ambassador's Cousin Arrives

Things have been going well at the Embassy. Perhaps they have been going a bit too well. Immigration ( completely legal of course) to the area had increased the Poppet based population of the city approximately 600% in a mere six months. The Ambassador had expected that he would be needed very rarely since there had been such a small population  and was looking forward to mixing with the locals. He had indeed purchased the neighboring blocks in order to fund redevelopment in the area. 

The Bilaterian Design Group was working with him to make the place a bit more like home and they had managed to make several areas bigger on the inside than the out, but it was slow and there was a great deal of math involved. Then of course there was the actual construction. Although there were many other beings from back home, he was really quite pleased when his cousin Prentice arrived.  Prentice was more of a Traveling Poppet and quite skilled in protocol and marketing. He has agreed to help the Ambassador with all of the inconvenient "putting yourself out there" decisions, and it didn't take him long to set his cousin straight.

He and the Ambassador walked around the neighborhood and took in the areas that were already in the beginning stages of being slightly more positive already. It was Poppet Friendly but still a way aways from being like Poppet Planet. Of course nothing could ever be quite like home, and one should appreciate the beauty of where one is as well. The Ambassador had said as much himself. 

Prentice delicately brought up the idea of bringing in a local to help take care of some of the Embassy's work and share in some of the hosting duties. He also suggested that maybe an Official Embassy and a different Ambassadorial residence wasn't really a showy thing to be embarrassed about but an excellent thing to help bring beings together. It would also allow the Ambassador to have a private place as well as a public one. 

The Ambassador was still not convinced on the second item but was very happy about the first. How does one go about finding an Attache locally?

Prentice however knew exactly who to ask and excused himself since he saw that very lady across the street in the park that was undergoing some temporal displacement work. 

The Ambassador went ahead to the Cafe which was also very much "in between" but had excellent sandwiches.

A quick consultation with Winter and a compliment to her dapper hat and Prentice returned to his cousin with a recommendation and a very specific name. "Alastair Lupin."

Well liked and respected in the area it seemed. The folk at the cafe shared their observations quietly with each other but the low murmmer was very positive. Mr. Lupin had a mysterious past, was a single father and spent a great deal of his free time with Spike discussing foreign policy and playing chess. 

Perhaps he had professional background as well? The Ambassador decided he would invite Mr. Lupin for a meeting to see if he was interested in the position. 

Of course he'd have to call the Stripes first. It was indeed a good thing his cousin was here. 

And also the Coffee at the Poppet Cafe was excellent. 

It was such good coffee that it almost made him more comfortable with the idea of having a staff. It wouldn't be ostentatious to have a staff if you could take your staff to the cafe. 

He did hope a staff of two would be sufficient.


Kelly said...

"Of course nothing could ever be quite like home, and one should appreciate the beauty of where one is as well"

The little gems like this, hidden throughout your tale, make me smile.

Pieces of wisdom woven into the entertainment are always most effective!

It makes me want to reread all your posts and compile a "Poppet Wisdom" list of some sort, for you to do with as you please (and for me to hang onto).

Jessie said...

I love, love, love your work. I mean your family probably thinks you're crazy but I love you, and that's all that truly matters.

Drinne said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad I'm entertaining.

It's good to be loved.

This is a mother/son collaboration project actually, the construction bit if not the writing bit. The family are a little concerned about what I might do if I'm ever bored, but building small alternate realties in my living room is one of the reasons they love me.

Making it so that when it's "neutral" it's a sensible part of the decor is why they brag about me to their friends.

My Perfectly Normal Husband figures that Poppetropolis is just my "model train set"

I hope he still feels that way when The Boy and I build the Embarrassed Embassy Subway station. . . . . .