Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tiny Alien - The Movie- and Episode Guide

Technical Difficulties Being resolved . . . .

Thank you all for bearing with me while I told the Tale of the Tiny Alien

It has concerned me that when I was done I couldn't figure out how you could read it in order so I offer you this credit reel and the following

Tales of The Tiny Alien Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Arrival
Episode 2 - The Discovery
Episode 3 - Progress?
Episode 4 - Community!
Episode 6 - Follow that Pirate
Episode 7 - Beyond The Horizon
Episode 9 - The Band
Episode 10 - Machinery
Episode 11 - Finally

Tiny Alien - the Movie - You're right here!

The ability to see it all one long page with the first one starting at the bottom with the last one at the top:

I hope you all enjoyed it.

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Jessie said...

Fantastic Drinne!